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Time Value of Money – Application & Examples

The Time Value of Money is a fundamental financial concept. According to this theory, money has more value in the ...
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Phasing Out Paper Currency – Benefits

Paper currency has been part of human civilization for a very long time. Although transaction technology has advanced, most countries ...
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Why In-app Micro & e-Wallet Payments Will Become Mainstream?

An e-wallet is a form of an electronic card that is used for online transactions using a computer or a ...
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Automation Will Take over More Financial Services

Intelligent Automation (IA) continues to alter corporate operations throughout industries, from freeing up personnel to scaling operations – and Financial ...
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Everything You Should Know About Initial Public Offering

The initial public offering is known as an IPO. IPOs are a way for an organization to go public, list ...
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How does tokenization work in payments?

Tokenization is a buzzword these days in the payments and fintech industry thanks to the increased focus on online payment ...
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How much does the stock market impact on a country reflect the economy of that country?

The stock market acts as a highly relevant market sentiment indicator and can impact the GDP (gross domestic product) of ...
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What is Digital Currency? How Does It Work?

Digital currency is a form of currency that is available to users only in electronic or digital form. It is ...
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Mutual Funds – Investor Rights & Obligations 

Market regulators and other legal provisions guarantee certain rights to mutual fund investors. This short list summarizes these rights: Redemption, ...
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